5 Easy Ways to Care For Your Skin at Home

Don’t Neglect Your Skin!

With schools closed and part-time domestic help unavailable,  staying home these days might mean you’re busy juggling career, childcare and housework, all at the same time. As busy and disruptive as this might be, you should still pay attention to your skin. Often, the way we look (even if we don’t need to face anyone) affects the way we feel. So embrace beauty as a form of self-care, and keep on giving your skin the love and care it needs. In fact, your skin probably needs more care than usual in these stressful times!


Here are 5 easy ways to tend to your skin while beauty salons are closed.


1. Skip the Make-Up

One benefit of working from home is that no one’s looking! (Well, apart from the folks staying home with you, or when you’re on a video call.) Often, we use make-up to cover our blemishes in order to look “presentable” at work, but this very act tends to work against our skin’s health, clogging pores and stressing skin out. Take this stay-home period to give your skin a make-up time-out!  Who knows, you might see an improvement in your skin after a few weeks!


2. Don’t Forget Sunblock

Yes, going make-up free on stay-home days is well and good, but you should always remember to apply sun protection daily, no matter your location! UV is everywhere, especially in a tropical country like Singapore. Think windows, balconies, open doors and even fluorescent light bulbs - all easy entryways for the invisible hands of UV to reach out and damage (age!) your skin. With the increasing amount of screens cluttering our lives these days - it’s best to apply a sunscreen that also has blue light protection. After all, long term exposure to blue light can cause skin damage, pigmentation and also photo-ageing, making it just as dangerous as prolonged sun exposure.


3. Morning Masking

Need an immediate skin pick-me-up? Take this stay-home period to indulge in some morning masking! We love using refreshing gel masks in the morning - they plump skin quickly and imbues it with energy and radiance. Best of all - we don’t need to cover our glowy skin with make-up after since we’re working from home! 


Here’s a morning mask routine you can try:

After cleansing skin, apply a generous layer of your favourite gel/cream mask on skin. Leave that on while you brush your teeth and take your morning shower. By the time you’re done, at least 10-15 minutes should have passed. Wash off your mask and continue with the rest of your skincare. Easy peasy - and you can probably continue this even when you’re back at work!


If you need something more indulgent… why not mask while you’re at work? Mornings, afternoon, even evenings…  No one’s looking after all, and you’re still working, albeit with a mask on!


4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Is working from home turning you into a desktop zombie? When in the workplace - there are meal breaks, meetings, socializing and probably other distractions that require us to walk about, move around and remember our human needs. We tend to forget this while we’re at home - especially if staying alone. Don’t turn into a dehydrated zombie!


Water is essential for health and for healthy skin. While working from home, place a large pitcher of water by your side, and make it a point to finish it by the end of the day. If you’re not a fan of plain water - try infusing it with some fruit or herbs to make it more palatable. An easy hack is to add a drop of organic lemon essential oil into a glass of water for a refreshing drink that can also help to detox your body. Remember to always use a pure and organic lemon essential oil - so as to avoid the risk of ingesting harmful pesticides.


5. Commit to a Weekly DIY Facial Routine

Are you missing your regular facial sessions at your beauty salon? While it’s always a treat to submit yourself for a few hours of professional skin maintenance - this is a chance to develop your own weekly mini DIY Facial routine. Doing this once a week - and take the opportunity to slow down, check-in with your skin and relax.  


Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Cleanse skin thoroughly

  2. Exfoliate skin (you can use a scrub, a brush, or a mild acid peel). This step helps remove dead skin cells and improves penetration of active ingredients applied after.

  3. Apply a Somi (if available) to further boost product penetration.

  4. Apply an active skin concentrate (eg. ampoule, serum or essence) all over face and neck. Massage in until fully absorbed.

  5. Apply a mask to repair skin and push in the active ingredients of skin concentrate. 

  6. Remove mask and continue with your regular skincare application.


Easy peasy, right? Put on some relaxing music while you’re at it, and enjoy your me-time. If you need ideas on what to apply during steps 4 and 5 (active skin concentrate & mask), check out these DIY Facial kits for some inspiration.


So there you have it, some really easy ways to care for yourself and your skin. These are helpful not only during the stay home period - but also anytime and everywhere. So if you’ve started on any of the above (or all!) during your stay-home month, try to continue them even when things get back to normal. Your skin will thank you!


This post was originally published on Chezmoi.com.sg