Enhance Your Workout With These Essential Oils

Our friend at Chez Moi recently published a useful post on how to work out at home.

Now that you’re working out at home, try elevating your workout with these essential oils.

Citrus based oils like Lemon and Orange are bright and uplifting, helping to put you in a good mood to complete your workout. Diffuse these oils into the air to add positivity and power to your exercise session!

Boost your cardio and high intensity workouts with an energising oil like Peppermint - which helps to keep you refreshed even as you work up a sweat.

Mind wandering off during yoga? Try diffusing Frankincense or putting a few drops of this oil on your clothes or mat. This warm, grounding oil is well-loved all over the world for mindfulness practice, and can help you flow through your yoga poses without distraction.

Cooling Eucalyptus Oil is wonderful post-workout to refresh sore muscles. Try adding a few drops to a damp towel before your workout. Store the towel in your freezer and retrieve it after your exercise session for the ultimate cool down as you rub it over your body.