How Phyris Somis Can Make Your Skincare Work Harder

We would all like to make the most of our skincare. It's not just about the routine you follow, or the products you use - regardless of price point. It's also about how much much of these products actually end up penetrating our skin, instead of just lying atop our stratum corneum. This is why we work hard on our skincare, massaging our faces, and even buying expensive electronic devices in hopes of better product penetration. 

It’s actually really easy to make our skincare work harder for us. All we need is a Somi


What is a Somi?

Think Phyris, Think Somi.

Somis are at the heart of the Phyris Skincare Concept. A Somi is a Phase 2 step under the Phyris 3-Phase care concept, which focuses on preparation, activation and care. As an activation care step, Somis help our skin to be more receptive to the next step of skincare, making the most of the skincare products we use and its benefits. Phyris Somis are also formulated for different skin needs to maximise their effectiveness on our skin.


Three Different Types of Somis:


Sensitive or stressed Skin: The Sensisomi Balm contains healing properties that help to stabilise skin while keeping it hydrated. Free from colours, perfumes and preservatives, this anti-stress balm helps to improve the skin’s tolerance and immune system. 


Normal to Oily Skin: The Termasomi Gel and Spray is an oil-free, refreshing and moisturising product. Minerals and trace elements help to heal and repair blemished skin. To help improve skin care penetration, the product is also packed with thermal liposomes. Vitamin E helps to ensure skin is supple and nourished. The spray version can be conveniently used throughout the day to help keep skin hydrated.


Dull or Mature Skin: The Ultrasomi Fluid delivers an oxygen punch to skin in need of revitalising. Skin vitality is increased by up to 29%. The oxygen also activates the skin’s metabolism, boosting the skin’s renewal process. The addition of Sea Fennel also helps to strengthen skin that is aging. Overall, skin will be brighter and more youthful looking.

Somi How-To

Using a Somi is simple: Simply apply an almond sized amount of Somi. When it gets absorbed on the face, proceed to using the next step of your care. You will find that your skin care gets absorbed more quickly compared to using a Somi-free skin care routine. 


Benefits of using a Somi in a nutshell:

  • Increases skincare penetration

  • Helps to repair, moisturise and revitalise skin

  • Reduces the cost of skincare - you’ll use less of your serums and moisturisers, but get better results.