The Cosmetic Republic (TCR)

TCR Oily Hair Shampoo

Description: The Cosmetic Republic's Oily Hair shampoo helps to regulate sebum production, resulting in less oily hair. For oily hair types, usage of the shampoo will leave hair silky and healthy with a nice volume.

Active Ingredients:
Barosma Betulina: Natural plant from South Africa with seboregulating properties
Keratin Microsphers: Improves hair strength, thickness,volume and texture
Vitamin E: Prevents hair loss and stimulates microcirculation of blood.Recovers dystrophic hair and hair bulb cells.
Vitamin B3-5-6: Sebo regulating properties
Vitamin C: Prevents cells from aging, strengthens hair

Application/Usage: Gently massage into scalp when shampooing. Leave for a few minutes prior to rinsing.

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