The Cosmetic Republic (TCR)

TCR Ultimate Hair Serum


*updated in 2019 as the Ultimate Hair Serum*

Description: The Cosmetic Republic's Ultimate Hair Serum restores and revitalises hair that is aging or damaged due to stress,environmental factors as well as due to excessive use of heat. It helps to stimulate hair growth and hair texture is smooth after application.

Active Ingredients:
Jojoba: Maintains hair moisture and improves hair managability
Avocado: High concentration of fatty acids that promote hair growth
Nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hair
Keeps hair smooth and non frizzy
Rose Hip: Treats dry and brittle hair,detangles
Argan: Regenerates and moisturises, protects hair from oxidation
Carrot: Anti aging effect due to A,C,E vitamins and beta carotene.Also contains anti-oxidants
Vitamins A,C,E,D: Restore damaged hair and provides instant shine

For daily use, apply 1-2 drops on lengths and ends.
The versatile hair solution can also be used before shampooing hair to nourish and regenerate or mixed with one's regular shampoo when washing hair or post shower.

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