Smoothing Cream


Plagued by rough, dry skin? Smoothing Cream activates the energy of your skin cells to lift, firm and smooth uneven textures and deeply hydrate skin.

Macroalgae Essence activates the energy of the skin cells for renewed cell activity. Consequently, the skin is able to protect itself from premature environmental skin ageing.

The active ingredient Sealift works like a skin corset to instantly lift skin's collagen and elastin network and pads out fine lines. As a result, the skin looks immediately smoother and younger.

Squalane, a skin-related lipid substance that is extracted from olives, forms a fine protective film for an additional instantly smoothing effect.

Active Ingredients: Blue Evolution Essences, Squalane, Sealift

Application/Usage: In the evening, after cleansing, SOMI, apply a hazelnut-sized amount to face, neck and décolleté.

Best for: Tired, Demanding, Dry or Mature skin who want a soft and smooth skin feeling

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