Sensitive Calming Sleep


Want to wake up with transformed skin? This gentle Sleeping Cream regenerates, calms and strengthens sensitive skin overnight.

Vitamin B complex supports protein, lipid and ceramide synthesis and thus improves the skin barrier. Unique defense complex formulation strengthens the skin’s own defense mechanisms to calm skin and soothe inflammation. The synthesis booster improves the skin’s own hyaluronic acid synthesis and thus lastingly improves the skin’s entire moisture profile. Vitamin F strengthens the cell tissue and the skin’s regenerative powers.

High-quality shea butter helps deliver moisture while keeping cream texture light and fresh.

Active Ingredients: 
Protein Vitamin B complex, defense complex, synthesis booster, Vitamin F, shea butter

Application/Usage: After Somi, apply an almond-sized amount all over face

Best for: All sensitive and stressed skin in need efficient skin relaxation while sleeping. Ideal also for smokers and those with poor lifestyle habits which expose skin to environmental stressors (sun, haze, pollution etc).

Particularly sensitive skin can use this cream during the day as a calming repair cream.

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