Sensitive Anti Aging

This silky 24-hour cream reduces fine lines, combats skin ageing, calms and strengthens sensitive skin.

Vitamin B complex supports protein, lipid and ceramide synthesis and thus improves the skin barrier. Unique defense complex formulation soothes inflammation and strengthens the skin’s own defense mechanisms. Globe daisy extract strengthens the skin against external stressors that cause irritation and premature skin aging. Lavender extract relaxes the skin, reduces fine mimic lines and acts like a natural botox alternative.

Active Ingredients:
Protein Vitamin B complex, defense complex, globe daisy extract, lavender extract, shea butter

Application/Usage: After Somi, apply an almond-sized amount all over face

Best for: All skin types

ANTI AGING is ideal for sensitive skin with a decline in resilience and fine lines. Thanks to its silky texture, it is highly suitable as a make-up base.

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