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Microlift Eye Serum + Filler No. 8 Set [Promo]


Lighten the signs of aging with this exclusive Mother's Day Promo. This exclusive Eye Serum and Line Filler from Skin Origin targets fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles so skin is brighter, smoother and younger.

Get this set at $268 (instead of $323)
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Filler No.8 ($195)

Say bye to lines - without any injections.

Filler No.8 has a high concentration of Acetyl Hexapeptides-8 which has been clinically proven to inhibit muscular contraction, assists the skin in the elimination of persistent expression wrinkles, simultaneously firming and lifting skin for a lustrous and smooth complexion.

(Contains 30 capsules) 

How to Use:

Apply every evening to freshly cleansed skin. Twist open one capsule and squeeze entire content into the palm of your hand. Using fingertips, gently apply onto skin. Finish off with firm patting motions to ensure a thorough application.

Active Ingredients:
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8


Micorolift Eye Serum ($128)

Rescue your eyes! Micorolift Eye Serum works intensively to reduce the appearance of fine lines,  wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles through active amino acids (peptides) and natural ingredients. 

Suitable even for sensitive eyes, this soft textured serum leaves eyes feeling relaxed and fresh.

Active Ingredients:

Arginine, Glycosphingolipids (ceramides), Ginkgo Biloba Extract

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