Melissa Bath Salt


Soothe anxious minds and bodies with Moya Melissa Bath Salt. This fragrant bath salt deeply relaxes you for a good night's sleep. Regular use of the Melissa Bath Salt helps to regulate hormones and reduce moodiness. The antioxidant-rich formulation also helps to delay ageing, firm skin and improve skin elasticity.


Want the feeling of silky smooth skin that you get after a hot spring soak? Moya Bath Salts are excavated from a mineral salt layer in Bad Wörishofen, a renowned thermal spring area in Germany. These volcanic salts are rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc and sodium, which helps to encourage healthy skin function. 


  • Volcanic salt is 3 to 5 times denser than regular sea salt
  • 10 times more vitalized micro-particles
  • Rich in trace minerals
  • Anti-allergenic and antiseptic 
  • Crystallised with 40% herbal essence for added benefits
  • Easy way to enjoy onsen quality water at home!

Formulated in Germany

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