Mela Touch On Pro

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 Fairer skin starts from within. Nutritional support is important to maintain our's skin's health. Support your pigmentation treatment with the Thesera Mela Touch On Pro supplement for brighter skin that lasts.

This supplement has been designed by leading biotechnologists to supply the body with various types of antioxidants, most importantly, GLUTHATHIONE. This is nature's best antioxidant - helping to reduce free radicals from attacking our cells and skin. Many anti-pigment and brightening treatments contain glutathione - now you can ingest it as well to prolong your skincare results!

This product also includes other important antioxidants like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, collagen, glucosamine and spirulina, all wonderful ingredients that support healthy skin function, improve immunity and prevents irregular melanin formation.

Usage: Take 2 tablets every morning.

Consumption of 3 bottles is recommended for best results.

60 tablets/bottle.

Made in Korea. 

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