The Cosmetic Republic (TCR)

Keratin Fibers


The Cosmetic Republic's hair fibers are made of natural vegetal origins. They adhere to hair better than most as they carry a negative charge and our hair carries a positive charge. Unlike wool and other materials, the potential for scalp irritation is low as the keratin fibers bond to the hair instead of repelling it. The fibers are also non-dyed, giving it a more natural look. The lightweight hair fibers also spread evenly over hair. 


    1. On a dry hair, shake Keratin Fibers liberally over the desired areas (sides, front or central areas) until your hair looks thick & full and you don’t see the scalp anymore. 
    2. If needed, pat your hair gently to disperse the fibers with the help of the Keratin Comb. You will obtain a perfect and very natural result.
    3. Apply TCR Vitamin Hair Spray to fix the fibers and protect them from wind and rain.

To Remove: Wash hair as usual.



Please allow 14 to 45 days for Pre-orders to arrive.


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