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HydroCell (Ionic Silver with Oxygen)

HydroCell (Ionic Silver with Oxygen)


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Heal & Regenerate with Silver Oxygen Complex

HydroCell is a dual action stabilized oxygen product that provides oxygen for metabolic oxygenation as well as singlet oxygen required for oxidation of toxins and pathogens.

When the singlet oxygen contained in HydroCell is released, it immediately seeks a free electron, which it will accept from any donor. This extra reactive oxygen works naturally with the immune system to help destroy bacterial and viral infections, and to oxidise toxins so the body can eliminate them naturally. This helps to lessen the immune system's workload, enabling it to recover and deal with harmful toxins in a normal manner.

HealthWest Ionic Silver can be taken orally, applied topically, gargled or nebulised.

Available in 500ml PET Bottle

Active Ingredients
Oxygen 2000 PPM
Silver 10 PPM

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