AQUActive Hyaluron Sleep


  New! Aquactive Range

AQUActive Hyaluron Sleep intensely moisturises and also provides the skin with valuable minerals while supporting skin regeneration overnight. Wake up with hydrated and velvety soft skin.

  • Micro Hyaluron - Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that can permeate deep into skin and aid in skin's moisture retention.
  • Depot Hyaluron  -High-molecular weight hyaluronic acid encapsulated in multiple layers to provide time-release hydration throughout the day.
  • Hyaluron Equivalent - Hyaluron-like extract obtained from Chinese Silver Ear. It intensively hydrates skin and provides skin with precious minerals.
  • Copper Peptide Complex- strengthens skin and helps in skin's own fiber network regeneration.

Active Ingredients: Micro Hyaluron, Depot Hyaluron, Hyaluron Equivalent and Copper Peptide Complex.

Application/Usage: After Somi, apply an almond-sized amount all over face

Best for: Combination, normal or dry skin

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