AQUActive Hyaluron Serum



The light-as-a-feather PHYRIS Hyaluron Serum gives skin a rapid hydro boost and increases its resilience with its dual hyaluronic acid formulation. Fresh and silky serum coats skin like a moisture net and provides a time-release moisture boost over several hours. Users love its fresh aquatic scent that's remniscent of diving into the cool waters beneath a mountain waterfall.

Ingredient Highlight: 


Classic Hyaluronic Acid, Depot-Hyaluronic-Acid, Natural Hyaluronic Acid Equivalent (Tremelalles)

Application/Usage: After cleansing and applying a suitable Somi, apply one to two pipettes of serum on face, neck and decolleté. Follow with an appropriate moisturiser. 

Suitable for: All skin types in need of a moisture boost. 

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