Hyaluron Sensation Serum


The rapidly absorbed moisture concentrate PHYRIS Hyaluron Sensation Serum with dual hyaluronic acid instantly moisturizes and reduces fine lines caused by dryness. In addition, the concentrate features a timed-release effect and provides the skin with plenty of moisture over several hours in cleverly proportioned doses. Instantly soothes tightness caused by dehydration. The skin feels fresh and silky.

Ingredient Highlight: D

Hyaluronic Acid, Depot-Hyaluronic-Acid, Natural Hyaluronic Acid Equivalent (Tremelalles)

Application/Usage: After cleansing and applying a suitable Somi, apply one to two pipettes of serum on face, neck and decolleté. Follow with a suitable moisturiser. 

Suitable for: All skin types in need of a moisture boost. 

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