The Cosmetic Republic (TCR)

Hair Massager


A multifunctional hair massager that is both comfortable and practical! Silicone bristles help remove product residues in the hair, relieve itchy scalp, eliminate dandruff, exfoliate, stimulate blood circulation, and provide a relaxing scalp massage every time you wash your hair.

Its silicone bristles are designed to relax the scalp muscles and reduce stress, while stimulating the scalp. Perfect to use while shampooing and can improve scalp exfoliation and cleansing.

The hair massager can be used daily with shampoo or with a hair scrub. You can add this routine as a personal moment of relaxation that accompanies your daily care.

  1. Moisten the hair and place the shampoo or hair scrub on the scalp.
  2. Massage the entire scalp with the hair massager.
  3. Detangle hair from ends to roots.
  4. Remove the product and apply hydration.


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