Forest Eye Gel


 Revitalise your eyes and combat premature skin ageing with this unique roller eye gel!

Take a relaxing walk through the forest with FOREST Eye Gel. This eye gel has a cooling effect and leaves the eye area looking and feeling relaxed. This gel-based formulation features valuable ingredients from the forest like Chaga Mushroom and Moss Extract. Comes in a unique roller applicator so you can massage your eyes while you apply.

Features active ingredients from the Forest for a fresh, radiant and youthful eye area.

  • Cooling, relaxing eye gel
  • Reduces fine lines in eye area and combats premature skin ageing
  • Strengthens barrier function of the skin and protects against stress causing urban influences
  • Improves radiance and evenness of skin

Active Ingredients:

  • Moss Extract: strengthens skin's natural protective function against stress-causing urban influences.

  • Chaga Mushroom Extract: improves the evenness of the complexion, resulting in a restored natural radiance.

  • Birch Leaf Cell Water: protects skin against free radicals and counteracts premature aging.

  • Chestnut Blossom Extract: contains flavonoids, tannins and amino acids to counteract signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area.

Rest. Refresh. Glow. 

Application/Usage: Use the ball of the roll-on tube to apply the gel with light pressure under each eye from the outer to inner corner in the morning and evening after somi.

Best for: All dry eyes, puffy eyes, eyebags, sensitive eye area, eyes prone to milia, tired eyes.

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