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DIY Facial Kit (Regeneration Mask + Phyris Ampoule)

$50 $76

Keeping your skin in tip-top condition in the comfort of your home has never been easier. Combining 2 of our bestselling DIY Facial essentials - these salon grade products will help you to elevate your homecare routine.

All sets come with 1 piece of Regeneration Biocellulose Sheet Mask, and a Phyris Essential Ampoule of your choice.


About the Regeneration Mask (BioCellulose Fiber Mask)

Benefits: Regenerating, Deep Moisture, Cellular Stimulation

Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Portulaca Oleracea (stem cells), Chlorella Vulgaris


  • Deep Moisture: Moisturizes and smoothens skin.
  • Beauty Boost: Imparts radiance and energy to the skin. 
  • Ageless: Reduces fine lines and plumps skin for a younger, smoother appearance.
  • Stressless: Regenerates and tightens the contours.
  • Calm and Even: Calms, relaxes and reduces redness.
  • Matt and Fine: Mattifies skin, refines pores and imparts a smooth, even complexion.


1) Cleanse + Exfoliate Skin

2) Apply Ampoule: Use a tissue to break open the neck of the ampoule at the marked point. Distribute the entire ampoule contents on to face, neck and décolleté and massage in. (If there is too much serum, you can use half an ampoule and apply the remaining amount after mask has been removed)
3) Mask Application: Remove mask from sachet. Remove white film and place onto face. Remove remaining film and leave mask on for 20 mins. Remove mask and massage residual serum into skin.
4) Apply Skin Care: Apply remaining ampoule content (if any). Apply suitable eye care and care cream on top of this.
Mask + Ampoule Combo:

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