Cosmeteria Verde

Cosmeteria Verde Deodorant Spray 100ml


Stay fresh all day with the Cosmeteria Verde Deodorant Spray! This lightweight and pleasant-smelling spray is formulated with excellent Italian botanicals, harvested and processed in Italy according to strict criteria.


  • Formulated with natural active ingredients
  • Does not contain aggressive components that harm the skin or the environment.
  • Suitable for application on different areas of the body, especially the underarms.
  • Contains natural antibacterial extracts from Mediterranean plants.
  • Protects against development of unpleasant odours for at least 10 hours.

How to use:

Spray 2-3 times per underarm. It can also be used for the feet or groin areas. Due to its natural and delicate action, this is also suitable for pregnant mothers and children.


  • Bergamot of Calabria
  • Myrtle of Sardinia
  • Mediterranean Olive Tree

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