Healthy Lifestyle Bundle *Limited Edition*

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Maintain healthy skin and body with the right diet. Great skin starts from within - so here's a special set to enhance your wellness from inside-out!

Our specially curated supplement set enhances gut health and skin health - the perfect all-in-one wellness combo!

Only 1 very special sets going for a prosperous price of $128!

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Vitalzyme helps you eat a rainbow diet in a matter of sips. If you're a picky eater or if you simply can't eat enough fruits and vegetables to ensure optimal nutrition levels, it's time to supplement your diet with Vitalzyme. Each bottle is fermented with over 54 types of friendly bacteria and only fresh vegetables, fruits, greens and grains collected over four seasons are used. 

One Box contains: 24 x 30ml bottles.

Active Ingredients: 120 vital enzymes fermented in cypress barrels - 36 vegetables, 48 fruits, 12 herbs, 24 mushrooms, algae, flower and beans.

Usage: Unscrew cap and drink a bottle daily. Best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. If you have gastric issues - take after a meal and can dilute with water before consuming. For children 2 and above - drink 1/4 to half the amount daily.



The LPG 14-Day Express Radiance & Anti-Aging Concentrate is an easy to drink cocktail of nutrients that provide your skin with all the necessary resources to preserve its vitality and firmness.

Fulfils 3 Key Functions:

  • Gives you a Healthy-looking complexion
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Protects the cells against skin ageing processes

Can be taken on its own as a skin supplement or in conjunction with your Endermologie Treatments as a perfect complement.

Thanks to its unique ingredient mix, the formula of these beauty shots optimise the effects of endermologie® treatments to reveal the natural beauty of every woman.

In 14 days, the skin regains its radiance, looks firmer and is replumped. Day after day, the skin gets denser, and wrinkles fade away. 

Myrobalan, Astragalus, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Carrot juice, Seaweed collagen, Selenium.

Each box contains 14 x LPG 14-Day Express Radiance & Anti-Aging Concentrate in 10ml vials. 


Take one pure or diluted dose per day for 14 days.
Shake well before use, and open the dose by simply pressing it with your finger.



So you've lost some inches with your new-and-improved healthy lifestyle? This light and refreshing body toning gel smoothes and shapes the body to maintain and improve your figure. 

Its LPG® Exclusive Slimming Complex helps to efficiently eliminate bulges from the body as a whole. Coralline G, a red algae extract acts like a fat-cell detective - working in sync with your skin's biorhythms to enhance fat burning in the day and inhibit fat accumulation at night!

5 % LPG® Exclusive Slimming Complex, 2 % Coralline G


Lightly-scented, non-sticky, fresh gel, quick absorption.


Apply morning and evening to targeted areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks, etc.) until complete absorption of the product. Particularly recommended for the abdominal area (waist and stomach). Avoid contact with eyes.

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