Anti-aging Bundle (For Normal - Mature Skin Types) *Limited Edition*

$198 $403

Enjoy clearer and younger skin with our curated Skin Origin Bundle Box.

We've selected the brightening REVI Washing Cream (filled with plant stem cell goodness!) and paired it with the multi-purpose REVI White Wrinkle Gel - a clinically formulated eye and pigmentation gel to smooth and brighten the delicate eye area plus any lined or pigmented areas. Finish off your anti-ageing regime with a layer of PHYRIS Luxesse Vision Face Lift - a glowy, golden serum crafted from protein-rich south sea pearls to give tired, ageing skin a much-needed energy boost.

Only 2 very special sets going for a prosperous price of $88!

Grab our Ang Pao Deal before it sells out!!


  • 1 REVI Washing Cream
  • 1 REVI White Wrinkle Gel
  • 1 PHYRIS Luxesse Vision Face Lift 


    REVI Washing Cream

    Hailing from Japan, the REVI Washing Cream's unique formulation allows it to be whipped into a foamy bubble puff (See video below). The vacuum suction created when the foam puff comes into contact with skin helps to lift dirt and sebum from pores. This powerful cleanser is also infused with the goodness of plant stem cells - which help to heal and restore skin's vitality even during cleansing. Use regularly for clearer, smoother and brighter skin. 

    Active Ingredients: Apple, Grape & Argan Seed Stem cells

    Application/Usage: Nightly, or 2-3 times a week depending on skin type. Use as a regular cream cleanser, or whip into a stiff foam puff with the foaming net, then apply to skin in gentle patting motions for a vacuum effect.

    Best for: Oily, Normal and Combination Skin 


    REVI White Wrinkle Gel

    This high-performance all-in-one gel offers simultaneous care to lighten pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and soothe inflammation. Plant placenta offers anti-ageing wrinkle care, glycyrrhizic acid from liquorice rapidly brightens dark spots and ceramides help to soothe skin and repair the skin barrier while also reducing fine lines caused by dryness. 

    This all-purpose gel can be used as an eye gel or as a spot treatment for wrinkles and pigmentation.

    Active Ingredients: Plant placenta, Glycyrrhizic acid (liquorice extract), Ceramide

    Application/Usage: Morning and night, massage a small amount around eyes, and areas with fine lines and pigmentation.

    Best for: All Skin Types


     PHYRIS Luxesse Vision Face Lift 

    Treat your skin with a luxurious blend of anti-ageing ingredients! LUXESSE VISION FACE LIFT is a high-quality active ingredient elixir with 3-fold anti-ageing effect: instant, medium and long term. It instantly moisturizes, firms and reduces wrinkle depth and results in a lastingly even complexion. Extract of black South Sea pearl enhances the skin’s radiance with its silky soft shimmer.

    Active Ingredients: Hydrolyzed pearl, Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract, Gardenia Taitensis Flower Extract, Galactoarabinan

    Application/Usage: After cleansing and SOMI, apply a small amount to face, eye area, neck and décolleté. Follow with a suitable care cream.

    Suitable for: Everyone who wants to invest in an effective anti-ageing concentrate that lastingly moisturises, firms and reduces fine lines.

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