AQUActive Hyaluron Gel


  New! AQUActive Range

AQUActive Hyaluron Gel is a refreshing and moisturising care gel that combines the lightness of a gel with the protection of a cream. Time-release formulation ensures skin stays moisturised for hours.

  • Classic Hyaluron - intensively moisturises skin and reduces skin tightness.
  • Depot Hyaluron  -High-molecular weight hyaluronic acid encapsulated in multiple layers to provide time-release hydration throughout the day.
  • Hyaluron Equivalent - Hyaluron-like extract obtained from Chinese Silver Ear. It intensively hydrates skin and provides skin with precious minerals.
  • Hydrofresh - leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed while delivering moisture.

Active Ingredients: Classic Hyaluron, Depot Hyaluron, Hyaluron Equivalent and Hydrofresh

Application/Usage: After Somi, apply an almond-sized amount all over face

Best for: Combination, normal, oily-dehydrated, tired skin, young skin.

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