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Lamellar Sun Protector Essence

Lamellar Sun Protector Essence


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Need a multi-purpose sunscreen? The Lamellar Sun Protector Essence is a 5-in-1 product. Use it as sunscreen, makeup base, essence, whitening care and skin protector!

Keep harmful UV at bay with this light, non-comedogenic SPF40 sunscreen. PA+++ factor gives you ample protection from UVA rays as well - the main culprit responsible for sun-induced ageing! 

Too much screen time? This sunscreen also contains lutein - which functions as a blue light filter - protecting skin from harmful machine-generated radiation. 

Safe for all skin types, with NO preservatives, mineral oil, perfume, artificial colouring or SD alcohol.

Ingredient Highlight: Lamellar complex, Lutein, Co-enzyme Q10, Vitamin C Derivative, Geranium Extract, Zinc Oxide, Titanium dioxide

Application/Usage: After skincare and before makeup, apply a teaspoonful of Lamellar Sun Protector and spread over skin and neck. 


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