Forever 39 Ampoules


The secret of beautiful skin is just one ampoule away!

These easy-to-use active ingredient ampoules from Dr Grandel promise unique care highlights and complete every skincare ritual. Great for your home facial routine.

Forever 39 ampoules, reinforces and protects skin's collagen and elastin fibers to maintain younger and firmer facial contours.

DR. GRANDEL Forever 39 (3 Piece Set)

  • reactivates and intensively stimulates collagen forming, elastin synthesis and hyaluronic acid formation. This will reduce the volume and area of wrinkles. The facial structure’s youthful V shape is maintained.
  • stimulates microcirculation and gives the skin a refreshing boost
  • lends a soft shimmer to the skin, which reflects the light and optically reduces wrinkles


DR. GRANDEL Ampoule can either be used as special-effect ampoule (=effect for a day or for a particular occasion) or as a treatment program (=sustained improvement in the condition of the skin). A treatment can last 1–4 weeks, depending on the intensity required. After cleansing and before moisturizing, two to three times a week during the treatment, apply a whole ampoule to the face, neck and decolleté and gently massage into skin using fingers.

How to open the ampoule:

1. Make sure no liquid is left in the ampoule head. Gently knock ampoule allowing liquid to flow down.
2. The dot which marks the breaking point should face upwards resp. towards you.
3. To protect your fingers, wrap a tissue round the ampoule or alternatively, use an ampoule breaker tool.
4. Now break the ampoule AGAINST THE DOT.

Featured Ingredients:

Macroalgae Extract, Ruby Powder, Caffeine

 Made in: Germany

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