WELLNESS HACK: 5 Ways To Use Ionic Silver In Your Daily Life

The use of silver as a natural antibiotic has been common practice since ancient times. Science too, has proven the effectiveness of silver ions as a safe and effective antimicrobial agent. Apart from drinking ionic silver, there are plenty of ways you can use this wonderful product to improve your life. 
Read on for 5 ways to make full use of nature’s best antimicrobial agent!

1) Spray it on Wounds

Silver is a wonderful healing and antibacterial agent. Spray it on wounds to help them heal better and faster. It will also help prevent scars!

2) Use it as Eye Drops / Eye Wash

Conjunctivitis? Got a sty in your eye? Wash your eyes out with ionic silver water. The antimicrobial properties of silver will help to combat the viruses and bacteria responsible for infections of the eye.

3) Dab it on Itchy Skin

Insect bites? Skin allergies? Dabbing or spraying silver regularly on the affected area will help to soothe and reduce irritation.

4) Add it to your Pet’s Drinking Water

Pets often get infected internally by parasites. Adding a small amount of silver to your pet’s drinking water daily can help to prevent illness and kill those harmful parasites.

5) Use it to Soothe Acne Skin

Just popped a zit? Spray the area with a generous amount of silver several times a day. It’ll make any swelling or redness recede faster. Those with severe acne can also soak a piece of gauze with ionic silver and apply it to troubled areas for 20-30 minutes daily. To maintain clear skin, you can also dab freshly cleansed skin with a cotton pad soaked with 10 ppm of ionic silver every morning and night.

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